Hooray, Orientation Week is here again! INTO has planned some sweet evening program for you, and there's also the utensil service. Read below for more information and dates (now with update Facebook events!!)

Orientation Week Program

Monday 20.8.2018

Tuesday 21.8.2018

Wednesday 22.8.2018

Thursday 23.8.2018


Orientation week is going to be boring? Check the pictures from last year and see for yourself :)


Utensil borrowing sessions

Tuesday 14.8.2018, 16-17
Thursday 16.8.2018, 16-17
Saturday 18.8.2018, 15-16
Monday 20.8.2018, 15-17
Wednesday 22.8.2018, 15-17
Friday 24.8.2018, 12-13

Place of the utensil borrowing sessions: Basement of TUT's main building (Päätalo), take the elevator to the basement, spin around 3 times, land on your left foot (!!), tap your head .... or just ask your tutor to bring you there. Room number is PB003 D, if that helps.

For more info contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and click here: https://esninto.org/services/utensils-borrowing