INTO is turning 11 years old. Come and join the celebration! Read below for more information.



6th of March

That's the date INTO was officially founded! We are going to have cake and coffee in TUT's language center (Kielikeskus in TUT main building) from 14 onward (til 16, if there is cake left). All members of INTO are welcome to stop by!

Check out the Facebook event: 


13th of April

We will remember and honor the Dead and past times with a fancy sitsit. The theme is "Día de Muertos" so grab your make-up and colorful flowers! The day of the dead is not about mourning and it's not a zombie movie - the more colorful the better!

The ticket sale will start on 06.03. and the evening will cost 45€ for members of INTO. Check out the Facebook event for more information: