ESN INTO will celebrate its 10th Anniversary on 4th of March 2017!

On that day we will have a cocktail reception with the invited guests, have a gala dinner (sitsit) and an after-party. The Sillis (brunch) the next day will be included in the gala ticket, but will also be open to other members of ESN INTO. Because it is a round anniversary, we will also celebrate "10 days of 10 years in INTO" throughout February and culminate with cake on 06.03., which is INTO founding date. 

Grab your best sleeping bag and leave the metropolis of Hervanta for a weekend, to spend some (more) time in the Finnish woods.

Would you like to see what a Finnish school looks like? Would you like to open your homeland to the Finnish children? Teach them some French or German? Or how to make your favorite food? Then this event is definitely for you!

It is a great chance to get together for the most amazing dinner of the year. The idea is to cook some typical food from your home country and share it with everyone (bring food = eat food). This dinner is a great experience for getting to know other cultures and other cuisines!

Kyykkä is a traditional Finnish sport played in winter. The rules are easy, but the game is really interesting and competitive. Briefly: The Karttu is thrown by the player, in order to knock over the Kyykkäs and kick them out of the playing field. Points are given according to amount of Kyykäs remaining in the field and happiness of the judge.

Love Boat is the inglorious party cruise from Herwood to Stockholm! Most likely you first heard about it when you were five and your daddy was telling stories about his Erasmus time in Finland - and yes it's true! He met your mom (and numerous other fine ladies) on that magical trip! Besides eating well, drinking better and dancing till the morning you also have a great opportunity to visit ever so beautiful Stockholm accompanied by your friends and probably the best hang-over in the ever!

The orientation week is taking place one week before courses start. There are plenty of information sessions, but also many activities and events hosted by INTO.

A sitsit is a famous teekkaris' event (which originated in Sweden) where students gather in order to sing a lot, drink a lot and eat together (but the latter is not really that important). It is a more or less elegant dinner, where you come with an avec (no obligatory but highly recommended, as it increases the amount of fun!). It's also the perfect excuse to dress fancier and to ask out that girl/boy that you are always chasing.

Sauna is the first stereotype which comes to your mind when you think of Finland?

A guided tour through the most famous nightclubs in this lovely city at the Tammerkoski!