Kyykkä is a traditional Finnish sport played in winter. The rules are easy, but the game is really interesting and competitive. Briefly: The Karttu is thrown by the player, in order to knock over the Kyykkäs and kick them out of the playing field. Points are given according to amount of Kyykäs remaining in the field and happiness of the judge.

Every year TUT hosts the World Kyykkä Championship, when thousands of players from all over the world (mostly Finland though) come to play! There is also a special league ISE (I-speak-English), which is meant for all foreign players. INTO offers you an opportunity to train and prepare for ISE by participating in INTO tournament.

Play hard, and then party hard in the after-party place!

Required vocabulary:

  • Karttu – wooden log which is thrown
  • Kyykkä – small wooden chunk. There are 40 of them in a line of 20 and two on top of each other.
  • Hauki – (zool. esox lucius)the pike, long, green and nasty fish; synonym for an unfortunate throw, which didn’t kick an kyykkä out of the field.

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