Seven blessings, my friend! 

We are having the theme Game of Thrones! Be welcome to share meat and mead under our roof on 23.02.2018 at 18:00 in Bommari. During the event, wine will be flowing, and many songs will be sung. The entrance will cost you 20 euros including the food, beverages as well as a bus transportation to the after party.

Welcome to the new students arriving in January! If you want to borrow household items from INTO, here are the borrowing sessions:
Tue, 02.01.2018 (15-16)
Wed, 03.01.2018
Thu, 04.01.2018  (16-17)
Mon, 08.01.2018  (14-15)
Thu, 11.01.2018 (14-15) cancelled!

Sadly the semester is coming to an end, and besides saying goodbye to the semester and the year, maybe some will also say goodbye to Finland and some of their friends. 
Fortunately, ESN INTO organizes Farewell Teekkarisauna to give you a last chance to say goodbye to everyone in the best way!. Read below for more information, or head to the Facebook event.

Come to Teekkarisauna Mörrimöykky on 8.12. and let's enjoy a warm sauna and cool refreshments together. Normal sauna rules apply (mind your own business, no glass bottles, singing is encouraged) and the hot tub will be warm as well.

As a special treat, we will be playing the legendary 'Herwantapeli'! Some say that there is no winners in this game, but certainly you would not want to leave Tampere without having experienced it. There is space for 16 people (4 teams of 4 players). Instructions for signup will be posted soon. 

This is also the time when the fuksis who collected the most points during the semester will receive their deserved award!

What: Farewell Teekkarisauna
When: Friday, December 8th, at 19:00
Where: Teekkarisauna Mörrimöykky, Tekniikankatu 9
What to bring: Your towel and some cash

Pikkujoulu (pre-Christmas) sitsit are here again! Read below for more information, or head to the Facebook event.