Using KiTTY, screen and irssi

This tutorial guides you how to use IRC from proffa cluster using KiTTY, screen and irssi.

What is IRC?


What is screen?

What is irssi?

Proffa cluster computers (at least): amadeus, mozart, lehtori, tutor

Choose one of the computers listed above.

Download KiTTY

Direct download link

If that doesn’t work, go to their website and download it.

Of course you can use any terminal emulator or shell you want but KiTTY is used in this tutorial.

Configuring KiTTY

Start KiTTY and type in the hostname field one of proffa computers, check that connection type is set to SSH, give session a name like ”IRC” and click Save:

Go to the Connection -> Data tab and set the following settings:

Auto-login username: <your_tut_intranet_account>

If you want to set password automatically, you can fill it in.

Now go back to the Session tab, select the session you created and click Save.

Now you can connect.

At first KiTTY will ask you about servers fingerprint, click Yes.

Fill in the username and password and hit Enter.

Using KiTTY, screen and irssi

Type: screen irssi and hit enter 

Irssi starts and when you can write to the [status] row, connect to the TUT irc server:


When it says at the last row: ”Mode changed [+i] for user <your_username>”, you can continue.

Set up your nickname with /nick command: /nick <your_username> and hit Enter.

If your nickname is already in use, choose another one.

When you have your nickname set, connect to at least our channel:

/join esninto

And start talking :^)

When you want to leave, hit CTRL + A and two times in a row CTRL + D.

When you want to start chatting again, start your KiTTY session and type: screen –rd