The INTO mailing list is a communication platform for members besides the webpage and member meetings. All members of INTO are member of that mailing list and get subscribed by the list administrator after they paid the membership fee and gave their contact information.

The INTO list is moderated, and its use should comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Into-list is for actual members, support members and honourable members of INTO
  2. The official language of Into-list is English - If it's absolutely necessary to use any other language, please write the subject in English and include a short summary in English
  3. Into-list is meant for sharing information that is interesting for the majority of the members - Courses, studying and student life at TUT in general - Events, activities and parties organised by club and guilds in TUT - Activities organized by INTO or INTO members - Living and free time activities in Tampere/Finland
  4. The following information is restricted from distribution - Political or religious emails are not accepted to the mailing list - Advertising of commercial events is not allowed unless it is approved by the board of INTO
  5. How to post - Use meaningful subject when sending a mail - Only plain text is allowed (absolutely no attachments, try to avoid HTML) - Reply to the list only if your reply is relevant to the other members, not just the original sender - Post your message to the Into list only once - Please avoid using only capitals


There are two ways:

  1. Send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject "unsubscribe" (without "").
  2. Go to and use "Unsubscribe or edit options".